Nail Polish Remover Pads Acetone Free – Set of all 4 Fragrances (160 pads)

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LEPADS are pre-moistened soft towelettes used to remove regular nail polish replacing the need to use acetone, ethyl-acetate, methyl-acetate or alcohol based solvent nail polish removers.

No need to carry cotton balls around anymore.

Instead of drying out skin, nails, and cuticles, they leave behind soothing Vitamin E to moisturize them.

Choose from four light and delightful scents: coconut, watermelon, floral, or cherry. No acetone or other nasty smells.

Depending on how many coats of polish have been used, one or two LEPADS towelettes will remove most polish from one hand. Very dark colors will require additional pads.

LEPADS has 40 soft pads and come in a small, compact jar you can toss into an overnight bag, purse, or backpack….and OFF YOU GO!!!!

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