Sales of natural cosmetics have steadily grown in recent years, mirroring the preference for natural foods that’s been just as pronounced.

  • A Nielsen survey last year found that more than half of all consumers (54%) check beauty product labels to make sure they do not have artificial ingredients. Forty−three percent told Nielsen they are willing to pay a premium for natural products.
  • One year earlier, Kanter World panel found one-third of women and one−quarter of men said they prefer to use personal care products made only with natural or organic ingredients. This held even when products made with only natural ingredients didn’t perform as well as those with some man-made chemicals.

This kind of sensible consumer thinking is behind our all−natural nail polish remover LEPADS®. We understand that women today want products that are free of chemicals that can dry out skin, sting, or even trigger allergic reactions like itching, rashes, or even hives.

One-quarter of women surveyed want natural nail care products

One-quarter of women surveyed want natural nail care products

Millennial Women Buy More Natural Cosmetics

The Kanter survey found that more than half of Millennial women (ages 18−34) intend to increase their spending on natural cosmetics. So do 44% of women ages 35 − 44.

Overall, just under one−quarter of all women surveyed said it’s important for them to use all−natural skin care products. Millennial women made up 63% of this group.

Natural skin care cosmetics have the strongest draw for women. Just under half of women buy natural hair care products, and 40% of women want all−natural makeup. Just over one−quarter of women want natural nail care products like LEPADS.

Vitamin E Strengthens Nails

Vitamin E without additives is particularly good for nails and cuticles.

We added Vitamin E to our nail polish remover pads for this reason. Hands take enough of a beating every day. From frequent hand−washing (which we applaud!) to cooking, cleaning, typing, and other activities of daily life, it’s our hands that are on the front lines.

Convenient small container

Convenient small container

The skin on our hands is pretty thin. It needs nutrients like Vitamin E , which releases antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that can otherwise have a field day on our hands.

People who take the time to care for their hands and nails—whether at a regular nail salon appointment or a self−care regimen at home—definitely notice an improvement in their hands’ appearance and comfort.

Topical Vitamin E can also repair damage to skin and nails. The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University lists these benefits you can get by adding Vitamin E to skin care:

  • Additional protection against UV rays, particularly when Vitamin C is added to the mix
  • Relieves skin swelling, reddening, and edema (fluid accumulation beneath the skin) that can occur with sunburn
  • Possibly reduce the effects of pollution on skin damage

Not surprisingly, Vitamin E is found in many natural cosmetics for skin care. According to the Pauling Institute, this provides protection that doesn’t come from foods with Vitamin E or oral supplements.

Watch out for skin care products that include Vitamin E with tocopheryl acetate. This chemical, which is mild compared to others, can cause skin irritation in some people. It is used to help lengthen products’ shelf life.


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