Easter is coming up! After you finish stocking up on eggs to hide for the kids and chocolate treats for everyone, treat yourself to an Easter manicure.

But before you start, place an order for our LEPADS® natural nail polish remover to gently and thoroughly remove the old polish.

Natural Nail Polish Remover Won’t Sting!

Do you hesitate before takAcettone and acetate free nail polish remover naturaling off old nail polish? You’re probably not alone. Lots of people have hissed as their acetone- or acetate-based nail polish remover found a paper cut! Others notice unusual dryness in cuticles and the skin surrounding their nails after removing old polish.

It isn’t the polish that’s causing this damage. It’s nail polish remover that’s doing this. Acetone, for example, is a solvent, meaning it dissolves substances, rather than remove them. You find it in things like paint remover as well. It’s also flammable. The strong chemicals that make up acetone are harsh enough to sting even unbroken skin.

We created LEPADS with natural ingredients that includes a healthy dose of Vitamin E oil, a nutrient and antioxidant that’s particularly effective against environmental damage to skin, skincare researcher Tatiana Kononov told LiveStrong. Antioxidants are first-line defenders against free radicals, which are molecules and atoms that can damage cells in skin and organs.

Many people use Vitamin E oil to treat skin damage from too much sun, the effects of chemotherapy, and to combat age-related wrinkles. It’s also particularly useful on cuticles and nails, LiveStrong notes, to smooth, rehydrate, and prevent cracks.

Give Yourself an Easter Manicure to Soothe and Beautify Hands

Who has time to go to the nail salon? As spring and Easter approaches, these places get packed.

But you deserve a lovely Easter manicure. Pretty hands with lovely nails polished in colors to match your Easter outfit make you feel prettier and tell everyone you know you are! And there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you don’t have time for a salon or you prefer to do this yourself (or for another person), gather the materials to give yourself a home manicure:

  • Angled nail clipper
  • Cuticle nipper
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle scissors
  • Nail file /emory board
  • Nail buffer

If you do your own pedicures, add toenail clippers and a buffer product.

But of course, manicures begin with taking off old nail polish. Add ELLEPADS to your kit.

ELLEPADS aren’t liquids that can spill or even catch fire. They are pads soaked with an proprietary blend of oils that includes Vitamin E. They come in a small, airtight case that keeps them moist for about six months after opening.

But best of all, they let you begin a home manicure with soothing oils that feel nice on the sensitive skin around the nails. They’ll soften cuticles so they’re easier to push back and close-clip hangnails. Instead of treating nail polish like something to be stripped off, they gently wipe them off.

ELLEPADS Natural Nail Polish Remover Pads are Gently Scented

LEPADS-All-Products-ScentsFinally, we have to tell you that ELLEPADS actually smell nice.

They don’t have that chemical smell you find in most nail polish remover products.

ELLEPADS are lightly scented with coconut, watermelon, cherry, and floral. They aren’t overpowering but give off a pleasant whiff you probably didn’t expect.

Make your Easter manicure and the rest of them going forward start on a pleasant note. Order a container or two of ELLEPADS today!

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