Every manicure and pedicure begins by removing old nail polish.

You’ve probably noticed that when you go to a nail salon, the nail polish remover is less harsh than the one you have at home for your maintenance manicures or pedicures. The salon’s product probably doesn’t smell like a chemical bath or sting like acetone nail polish remover, too.

We are pleased to offer a gentle, pleasantly scented salon-quality, and natural nail polish remover you can use at home. LEPADS® are here!

ELLEPADS deliver natural nail polish removal.

ELLEPADS: natural nail polish remover pads

ELLEPADS: Gentle and Natural Nail Polish Remover

ELLEPADS are pre-moistened pads soaked with a natural nail polish remover and storming the market for nail polish remover alternatives. Unlike acetate- and acetone-based nail polish remover, they don’t sting, carry an unpleasant smell, or damage your nails and surrounding skin with harsh chemicals.

In fact, ELLEPADS have no artificial ingredients. Instead, they are soaked in Vitamin E and other oils to soften and soothe the nail surface, cuticles, and skin around the nail. It’s this proprietary blend of oils that remove remaining nail polish.

Start each home manicure and pedicure with a gentle bath of essential oils that safely and thoroughly remove old nail polish.

This Nail Polish Remover Alternative Even Smells Nice!

LEPADS-All-Scents-160 pads

LE PADS come in four scents

ELLEPADS brings another surprise: they smell nice. Really nice.

Our come in several mild scents including watermelon, cherry, coconut, and floral. They won’t overwhelm you, but add a nice, pleasing touch to the start of a home manicure or pedicure.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that ELLEPADS smell nicer than the nail polish remover products used in nail salons. You won’t need or want to cover your mouth and nose with a surgical mask.

Why an Alternative Nail Polish Remover?

We created ELLEPADS after asking around about people’s (mainly women, of course) experience with nail polish removers. What we heard wasn’t good:

  • “I hate how they smell.”
  • “I never knew I even had paper cuts until I used [Brand Name]’s remover. It stung like [bad word]!
  • “They dry out my skin, particularly the sides of my fingers.”
  • “I always spill it!”

It was clear that a natural nail polish remover was needed. And after hearing about spills, we decided to make put product in pads rather bottle as a liquid.

After we identified a formula that worked, we tested scents and came up with the four initial ones we offer. (We can also customize these.) Then we tackled packaging.

We package our natural nail polish remover in small, recyclable/reusable containers that seal out dry air and make the product very portable.

It’s working well. A container will last about six months after it’s been opened, as long as it’s properly closed after use.

Make Your Own Natural Nail Polish Remover!

Although we hope you’ll give ELLEPADS a try, we applaud people interested in making their own products from natural ingredients. There’s no shortage of recipes on the web that tell you how to make a nail polish remover.

We know lemon juice and vinegar remove nail polish safely, but lemon juice can sting and vinegar isn’t the most pleasant smell.

Instead of lemon juice, we suggest orange juice, which is less acidic. A little vanilla extract mixed with milk gets rid of the vinegar smell (a tip we remember from the movie Crossing Delancey).

Still, we think you’ll like ELLEPADS.  Order a jar today!


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